Hi everyone. This is Philips.


Today I’d like to introduce one of my favorite movies to you guys-Scent Of A Woman(In Japanese it’s called 夢の香り).

It’s a quite old film(1992) but really?fantastic.

It?tells the story of a preparatory school?student who takes a job as an assistant to an irascible, blind, medically retired Lieutenant Colonel.

The acting was so impressive.

Alpacino, who acted Lieutenant Colonel?Frank, showed the brilliant experience of blind person.

The tango?is great, the driving is crazy, and the speech is even more wonderful.

I was totally inspired by this movie. And I believe that all of us should try our best to live a wonderful life.

Whatever troubles you have ?met, just tango?on~


All right, I’m not going to describe more details about the movie.

If you have interests, just watch it.

I promise that you will not be let down by it.

That’s a movie worth being seen more than once.


C U then~